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Transport in Melbourne is in crisis.  Our trains, trams and buses are overcrowded, infrequent and unreliable, poorly maintained, leaving 75% of Melbournians forced to drive to work, sitting in traffic jams and paying huge amounts in tolls and parking.  Experts keep telling us that more roads don’t reduce congestion; they create it. Instead of listening, the major parties are pushing through three new mega-roads (the East West Link, North East Link and West Gate Tunnel) that will force tens of thousands more cars into the city, spending billions of taxpayers’ dollars and lining the pockets of big tolling companies like Transurban.

Communities from across Melbourne and Victoria realized just saying no to these mega roads wasn’t going to fix the problem.  So we’ve brought together community members, stakeholders, planning academics and workers to create a community powered transport plan that will work for everyone. 

We’re proposing better public transport to get people to and from work, leaving the roads for those who need them, like tradies and emergency services.  Getting trucks off our streets, so we can all breathe better and making things in Victoria, so that we create jobs at home.

That’s what the #GetOnBoard plan is. It’s the community coming together to demand a fairer, healthier, more connected Melbourne and Victoria.

To make sure we’ve got it right we’re undergoing an unprecedented community consultation process.  We’re reaching out to tens of thousands of Victorians to make sure the plan works for them. We’re also reaching out to manufacturers, businesses, unions, councils and community groups to build the vision with us. If we’re going to make this happen, we need everybody on board!

Key priority must be placed on:


Green TickFilling public transport network gaps that frustrate achieving a fully functioning public transport network across all of metropolitan Melbourne linked to regional services. 

Green TickImmediate planning works to start on the missing link, MM2 which creates the missing network structural link between the north east growth corridor and the south west growth corridor to compliment MM1. This achieves transport hubs throughout the growth corridors between the north east and south west, through urban renewal sites such as Fishermans Bend, E-Gate and Arden Macaulay.  Getting daily commutes to work on to public transport will significantly improve the functioning of the city and the lives of Melbournians.

Green TickImmediate works on stemming the decline of rail on freight and to build new and better rail freight options to remove dangerous and polluting road based freight from urban roads.

Green TickNetwork improvements to Bus network efficiency have been proven to work through the Brimbank Bus Networks Reform Plan, 2014 project creating better services and more reliable public transport options for commuters. This program was cost effective and can be rolled out across greater Melbourne and regional Victoria immediately.

Green TickTram network improvements and rolling out light rail lines creates another level of efficiency in the transport network of Melbourne and will free up the roads for those that need it; emergency vehicles, tradespeople, buses and the like. New light rail links creates affordable transport infrastructure for growth areas and gaps in the network.

Green TickA vibrant healthy city features active travel as a cornerstone to a liveable city. Health and safety on our transport network is primary and is achieved through good design and integration of cycling, walking, skating, pushing prams paths as a significant feature across all our urban areas linked to a fully functional public transport network.

Finally our future depends on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  Transport is the second largest emitter of GHG and that is  a core reason for Melbourne and Victoria getting it right now by embracing these initiatives not repeating the mistakes of the 1960’s Transportation Plan dominated by freeway thinking to this day.

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The Vision

Victorians have waited for decades for a long term sustainable transport plan for Metropolitan and Regional Victoria. This has proved elusive. What Victorians have witnessed is successive governments pushing Victorians into polluting  mega road projects that ‘lock in’ induced car and freight road based transport and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that compromise the city’s treasured urban values, the health of our children and destroys our future urban development opportunities, which only benefits major road construction and tolling corporate companies.

The time has come for a Real Transport Plan that gives Victorian an efficient world class  public transport system, an efficient clean rail freight system and safe road networks that do not destroy Melbourne’s famous liveability or lock Victorians into unsustainable pollution into the future.  This Real Transport Vision is a sustainable, integrated transport plan that delivers a legacy we can all be proud of. 

This citizen's instigated real transport plan is part of a broader vision for Victorians where people have a much wider range of options for how they choose to travel – a smarter, more sustainable, less congested transport future. Since the 1960s, transport planners have known that building more roads makes people dependent on cars and creates more congestion. This is why smart cities around the world have chosen to expand, upgrade and shift to building more and better public transport: more trains, light rail, trams and buses.

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You can download the plan as it stands here. Remember, this is a living document open for community input. Please contact [email protected] to find out more.

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You can download the 1-page info booklet here. Remember, this is a living document open for community input. Please contact [email protected] to find out more.

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