Where do you need to go?

Get On Board is heading to new places!

Over the next few weeks, the Sustainable Cities Campaign members will be revamping the Get On Board website, and we want your input.

Is there a public transport issue you want to bring to our attention? Maybe a road project nearby that you’re concerned about? From freight to bikes, walking and everything that moves - you live in Melbourne, move around the city, and have ideas.

Whatever it is, if it’s transport related, we want to hear from you! Simply fill out the 'new information template' here and email it back to [email protected] to bring your issue (or solution to an issue!) to our attention, and it could be featured on our website as a blog or even a permanent addition to our vision.

If you're not sure what the website looks like currently, click here to have a scroll through our plan, blogs, and other information.

Our work is maintained by the continued effort and support from our community, so if you don't have any additions to the website but want to help out in other ways, please let us know! We hold a meeting every Monday evening at 6pm at the Friends of the Earth office, which everyone is welcome to.