PETITION: Rethink North East Link

There are plans to turn our Eastern Freeway into a 20-lane monster as part of the North East Link Project.

We demand a Rethink of the North East Link.

Local residents have worked to bring precious green space back to life along the proposed path of the North East Link. Years of hard work will be trashed. From the Yarra, to Kooyong Creek, Merri Creek, Banyule Flats and beyond this precious green space must be protected.

More people are fighting to save land for better public transport. The Eastern Freeway road works mean the loss of any good quality public transport for the future. Every suburb of Melbourne deserves direct, reliable and comfortable public transport connections.

The North East Link project will continue growing the profits for car and toll companies. Meanwhile it will be more expensive and congested for everyday people to get where they need to be.

We need to Rethink North East Link now.

Tell our political decision makers that now is the time to stand with the community and protect our environment.

Tell our political decision makers that now is the time to stand up to the car and toll lobby, and invest in public transport.


Premier Andrews, Treasurer Pallas, Planning Minister Wynne, and Roads Jaala Pulford - will you Rethink North East Link before it is too late?



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GOAL: 100 signatures

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