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The North East Link mega toll road is set to waste $16.5 billion of tax payers money. But what we actually need is more public transport.

Road lobbyists such as Transurban and RACV have pressured the government to build what is to be Australia's biggest road yet.

Meanwhile, the everyday commuter continues to sit in heavy traffic to and from the CBD. Overcrowded busses on clogged up roads don't cut it.

Submissions for the Environmental Effects Statement Committee are now closed. It's time to put pressure on our politicians. We'll be delivering the petition to the Victorian Parliament at the end of the public hearings.

We're sending a strong message to Jacinta Allan, Minister for Public Transport Infrastructure and the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

The North East Link will turn the Eastern Freeway into a 20+ lane traffic jam. The associated noise and pollution from cars and trucks is unacceptable. Local roads will see traffic increases that feed into this monster project. It kills plans for a high capacity reliable train line to Doncaster.

We call on our politicians to #ReThink the North East Link.

Sign the petition today to call on Jacinta Allan and Dan Andrews to STOP the North East Link.

We can influence Jacinta Allan and Daniel Andrews to reconsider this mega toll road.



Dear Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan,

We call on you to stop the controversial North East Link project from going ahead. 

The North East Link proposal will waste $16.5 billion of public money which should be spent on public transport solutions.

This toll road through our suburbs and parks is a poor use of money when we urgently need long-term mass transport options, improvements to air quality, protection of open space, and to reduce the greenhouse gas impacts of Victoria’s transport system.

Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs, like much of regional Melbourne, have few viable public transport options. Please invest in public transport to tackle congestion NOT more mega toll roads.

Safe, accessible and enjoyable public transport is what the community needs. 

Who's on board?

Sofie lemaire
Claudia Gallois
GOAL: 250 signatures

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