Trains for the 'burbs!

Today Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a game-changing rail plan for Melbourne's suburbs, linking all major rail lines via an underground loop. We are excited to see big plans for ramping up investment in transport.

We got straight down to Parliament to celebrate this announcement. Help us do more rapid response actions this election year by chipping in here!

The suburban rail loop plan creates connections across suburbs to fill missing links, and make it easier for everyone to get where they need to be. This project will give everyday Melburnians better transport choices.

With Melbourne's population growth, the city needs 21st Century planning. Investment is needed in efficient transport solutions, especially in our suburbs.

Demand is growing for better public transport, and we hope initiatives like the Suburban Rail Loop will continue the ongoing investment in public transport to keep Melbourne moving in the future.

Help us ramp up the call for better public transport in 2018 right now!

The Sustainable Cities team look forward to hearing more about the Andrews Government's proposed Suburban Rail Loop, including a more detailed timeline and cost projection.

But now we are looking to the Matthew Guy opposition to match the Government’s vision. So far, there is no public transport plan from the Victorian Liberals. What plans will they be putting on the table this election year?

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The campaign social media reach is getting to politicians, and the media. Our action saw footage and quotes on the evening news on Channel 9, Channel 10 and the ABC. As this campaign is really heating up, now's the time to get involved!

The community are also asking for investment to be made in the “Melbourne Metro 2” project. Connecting western Melbourne suburbs, the new Fisherman’s Bend redevelopment, and growing north-eastern suburbs with the CBD would create thousands of local jobs, and keep Melbourne moving for the future.

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